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In no particular order, Daniel has worked in a fur coat store, worked for a medical equipment delivery company, has shoveled piles of horse manure out of a barn, has worked in tobacco fields, has fathered and is currently helping to raise four children, has a BA degree in English and Bible, is an international career missionary in Hokkaido, Japan, has been married 15 years to the same lovely bride, has seen Stryper in concert 4 times, worked for Vanderbilt hospital repairing medical equipment for 5 years, made his own .com website when he was 16, has made some not so great electronic music, and would like to, one day, write and record some music in Japanese.

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We are staff and we are legion.

One thought on “Meet the Staff – D.A. Speer

  • April 6, 2022 at 9:19 pm

    Daniel Spear is also known as Wafflehouse-guy after a bizarre turn of events that made us end up eating together at waffle house with my sisters and my Dad.


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