A Cornucopia of Words: My Top Five Favorite

Today is the second to last day of National Words Matter Week. And they do so matter. Sometimes we take that for granted and start making up a lot of acronyms so we don’t have to use actual words to communicate. Sometimes we revert to just grunts and charades. I for one value my words. To the death! Who’s with Me!

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Sorry. Got a little revolutionary there. Anyway, here are my personal five favorite words and why I love them (or something along those lines).

1. Cornucopia – This has been somewhere in my top five favorite words for many years. I used to say things like “a cornucopia of things” and “a veritable cornucopia” quite a bit. It was my “smart keyword.” (For more about “smart keywords” check this out.) However, I got to the point where I figured I had used it up like an overused semi-colon.

2. Ellipsis – The dot, dot, dot is just fine, but although it has its practical uses, I’m not infatuated with it or anything. What I love here is the word that describes it, Ellipsis. So elegant. It has a classic Greek name ring to it. I have decided that if I were ever to own a horse, I would name it Ellipsis. The Great Ellipsis. (Side note: In that imaginary scenario, I’m thinking about purchasing three more horses and naming them Interrogatory, Exclamation, and Declarative.)

3. Vengeance – There are some words that are just super fun to use in a sentence. They kind of flow off the tongue. This is one of those. And how! Like when we’re playing a game of Risk and you’re talking smack: “I shall plow through your pathetic Mongol hordes with a mighty VENGEANCE!” But that is just one example. I love it equally as well in other non-Risk related situations. Sometimes I just like to randomly point at people and yell, “Vengeance!”

4. Bulbous – This is so nostalgic a word for me. When I was young my brother Daniel and I latched on to the word “bulbous” with all our might. We loved it because it made everything funnier. Everything was “bulbous.” A bulbous head, a bulbous rock, a bulbous tree, etc. Sometimes we even said someone was The Bulb. Although I have matured in my usage of bulbous, it remains one of the funniest adjectives in the English language. Bulbous. Hilarious.

5. Moist – My relationship to this word is a little different than the rest of the words on this list. In fact, it is a word I most recently put on it because it is a word I truly love to hate it. Pretty sure a lot of people either love to hate it or just flat out hate it with every fiber of their being. And that also makes it a funny word to me. You know that slimy bespectacled Nazi dude in “Raiders of the Lost Ark?” So you’re eating dinner, say something using “Moist” like he might: “This cornbread is very….moist.” Do this and watch them squirm.

So there are my top words. tell us some of your favorite words and why they have this exalted position.