Masters (Considering Ecclesiastes)

Obey the king’s command, I say, because you took an oath before God.

Ecclesiastes 8:2


We will pray for Earth’s vaporous rulers,  
“Fly and guide the high heralds  
like noble multi-colored, illuminated 
Some are masters of familial, humble homes  
with sons, daughters, and sometimes livestock:  
The strutting chickens cluck their master’s 
The masters’ ships command the watered world; 
they long for the rulers’ love.  
The masses are calmed, their reasoning 
These dying domains hold evidence of 
They bear shields, scales of power; 
they bristle beards, emptying them of lice.
And Godly masters bravely deliver loud declarations 
from their lung’s violently shaking stalactite. 
They stand aright with stooped, ordained 

Ben Plunkett
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Ben Plunkett

Greetings from the booming metropolis that is Pleasant View, Tennessee. I am a man of constant spiritual highs and spiritual lows. I pray that I serve God at my highest even when I am lowest.

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