Definitions of True Love (Considering Ecclesiastes)

I thought in my heart, “Come now, I will test you with pleasure to find out what is good.” But that also proved to be meaningless.

Ecclesiastes 2:1

Definitions of True Love

The worldly level of love –
mankind drives toward its empty elevations;
he ensnares himself in temptations.
See, love’s sincere substance and its 
similarly true decisiveness quickly soars
beyond the birds, rounding the stars.
True love lives in Godly endearment:
Because The Beloved is enjoyed
promise-giving will be patiently genuine.
The birds of the sky
may take their routine, customary paths 
without fear of careening feelings. 
This all said by words and 
definitions so that Earth’s denizens
understand their dire vows to Heaven. 
He humbled himself for our
ransom; in visions I see Him
crucified on a defiant cross. 
Notwithstanding, many do not get
this; they sprint into the darkness.
In departing they notice tears 
falling from a face above, from
golden glands in another realm, 
from eyes that see forever.
I, myself, am much more
ecstatic about the thought of another 
upper world; I, myself, know who
this beautiful tear is representing.
We’d die without unconditional love.
There is a similar status for
all He has created lovely.
Some boast supposedly wise words that   
live, but God’s spirit grows.
He died for us despite ourselves.
We’re careless of earthly crookedness. 
It is we who continue to 
shirk Him; we who ever 
search for an alternate, easier road.   
Then descends the six-winged
seraphim representing God in His holiness.   
Their many faceted willowy wings sway
and they strike devoted terror
from their moving limbs; He loves, 
but uses our unique terror,
surrounding His unconquerable spirit in a 
super-sonic angel-lined silhouette. 
Don’t be strayed by the
hastiness of your own faulty reasoning.   
Come and decide, come now   
near to ensnare earthly love’s indecisiveness,
roaming the sky, giving reports
about the misled masses of mankind.
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