Work Forces (Considering Ecclesiastes)

Yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done and what I had toiled to achieve, everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind; nothing was gained under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 2:11

Work Forces

Consider the semblances of sweating men and women
who are sent to work beneath the sun:
     Consider they who pick orders of growing flowers:
          They smash pansies; they slash the green’s prices.
          Mostly women, but some men, love nurturing lobelias
          and mashing marigolds, placing them pallet to pallet.

          They walk the slim, makeshift pathways between the
          pallets, dodging from greens to greens, stirring hearts.

     Consider the up-keepers who defend the old
          plantation; the establishment of an ancient, auspicious mansion:

          The weary few work to clean the stables
          that have long since been emptied of livestock.

     Consider a rugged stock-boy sweltering beside the
          room of fiery stoves, peeping behind cool counters.

          By commander cook commissioned to report illustrious inventory.
          He fulfills: “Five…ten…fifteen kinds of snacks…”

          “What, do the hungry pupils lurk near? Their
          stomachs are never be satisfied! They can wait.”

          “seven..nine…there’s fourteen syrups and cereals; the
          freezer has several cows!” His fingers ensnare them.

     Consider the greased flipper, drooping as if asleep,
          flopping and plunging meat into past-paled grime.

          Sweat sizzles spuriously upon the stove, splashing onto
          his brooding face as the overlord eagerly orders.

          He flips the meat, meeting the mantle to
          redness crying, “Take me away to everlasting coolness!

          My face is veiled with a slippery visor
          until I find a place without leaping lipids.”

There are these aspects of the work force,
they’re altogether vain and glory-exempt in and of themselves.
Ben Plunkett
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