Five More Whiteheart Songs That Taught Me the Truth

About a month ago, I wrote an article about Five Whiteheart songs that taught me the truth. For that piece, I focused on the mellower side of their catalogue. Today, we are going to jump into their heavier music. As I said before, Whiteheart is my favorite band of all time. I could probably write articles like these for most of their songs. But, as I realize not everyone loves their music as much as I do, I will limit myself to these two articles. Of course, if the response is good enough, I could be convinced to crank out a couple more down the road.

I firmly believe Whiteheart was never given their due. They were consistently one of the most musically gifted bands in the music world, Christian or otherwise. Their music, while still non-apologetically “Christian,” gradually became less overt and more poetic than many of their contemporaries. (That’s not a knock on anyone, just a distinction.) They were equally adept at creating music that could bring the house down as they were to deliver an intimate and gentle ballad. Today, we focus on the former. Here are five more Whiteheart songs that taught me the truth.

Whiteheart taught me to strive for excellence.

Song: “Nothing But the Best”
Album: Highlands (1993)
Scriptural Support: Colossians 3:23-24; 2 Timothy 2:15; 1 Corinthians 10:31

Key Lyric:

Don't take nothing less,
Don't you second guess
Nothing but the best - oh
Keep your mind on one thing,
That in your heart,
There's nothing but the best

While I wouldn’t consider “Nothing But the Best” one of Whiteheart’s strongest lyrics, they were still able to make their point with style and power. Musically, the song is nothing if not impressive. They hold nothing back, opting for a full-throated rocker that eschews subtlety. Everyone in the band plays this song like they are making a statement, and in some ways, they are. The song is about giving our best to God, so a less-than excellent performance would weaken that message, after all. 15 year old me heard it loud and clear and for that I am forever grateful.

Whiteheart taught me that life is hard and questions are okay.

Song: “Find a Way”
Album: Inside (1995)
Scriptural Support: Mark 9:24; 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

Key lyric:

Welcome to my mind, please don't be unkind,
 God knows what you'll find, 'cause what I'm feeling isn't clear,
 Lately, it's been hard living here,
 Every day's the same; maybe I'm to blame,
 Am I too afraid to change, too afraid to dream anymore?
 I just don't know what I am fighting for.

 Gotta find a way, find a way,
 Find a way to love,
 Find a way, find a way,
 Find a way to love.

This album came out during my Freshman year in college. It was a good year for me, even though it was full of transition and change. Still, there were times when life would overwhelm my 17 year old heart and I would inevitably turn to music. Most of the time, I would try to find songs of encouragement or hope. But, sometimes I would lean on songs like “Find a Way”. There was an authenticity in the song to which I responded. There are no easy answers found in the song. It’s dark and confused, fully recognizing how hard life can be at times. But, amidst all of that, the song ends in faith with the line, “I still believe, still believe.” Sometimes, (most of the time?) it’s not easy, but we hold on to our faith because we know who the source of that faith is.

Whiteheart taught me to relinquish control to God.

Song: “Let the Kingdom Come”
Album: Freedom (1989)
Scriptural Support: 1 Peter 5:6-7; Matthew 6:24

Key Lyric:

I'm layin' down my crown
Yes, I'm layin' down my crown
Lord, I'm layin' it down
And praying let Your will be done
Lord, I'm layin' down my crown
To let the Kingdom come

'Cause I'm so tired and weary
Yes, I'm so tired and weary
Lord, I'm weary and hurtin'
From the back breakin' burden of my crown
My soul is born weary
Oh, let the Kingdom come

Whiteheart songs touched on this theme many times. Frankly, it is a truth that bears repeating as often as possible. Speaking only for myself, it is very easy to put that crown back on my head but the weight soon becomes unbearable.

As I said, I need to be reminded often of my need for God. I need to remember that He is on the throne and my life doesn’t work when I try to take that spot. But, if I am being honest, one of the main reasons I chose this song is because it flat out rocks and deserves to be on this list. Epic is not a good enough word for this song. Sit back and just enjoy the surging crescendo.

Whiteheart taught me to look deeper.

Song: “Storyline”
Album: Powerhouse (1990)
Scriptural Support:1 Samuel 16:7; John 7:24; Zechariah 7:9-10

Key Lyric:

Sometimes I can't believe the things I say
I've hurt them all in so many ways
Lord, I've played the game of hide and seek
When all I wanted was for them to see
See the lines upon my face
The memories have left their trace
Oh, everybody's got a storyline
Find the secrets hidden behind their eyes
Listen to the storyline
Then you'll know the reason why
The voice is telling you inside
Let compassion fill your heart and mind
Oh, you gotta take the time
To listen to the storyline

A few years ago, I wrote an entire article on giving others the benefit of the doubt. This song was one of the main inspirations behind that article. How often do we judge those around us on their worst days or at their worst moments, without considering what they are dealing with? For me, it’s far too often. I’m glad for the reminder to “listen to the storyline” when I am interacting with a challenging person.

Whiteheart taught me to shine my light.

Song: “Light a Candle”
Album: Tales of Wonder (1992)
Scriptural Support: Matthew 5:14-16; John 8:12; Ephesians 5:8

Key Lyric:

A flame is rising up in you,
A spark is struck,
Electric blue,
For the hand of love has brushed your eyes, and now it's love that shines,
Light a candle.

There's a surge of hope within your heart and you want to play a bigger part for you heard the word that Jesus said,
You want to turn the world upon its head,
Now lift your hands up high into the sky and light a candle.

A city of faith cannot be hid,
Let the fire burn on the holy wind,
So if you want to change your world and be a living flame, light a candle.

It is our job to reflect the light and love of Jesus to a lost and dying world. Could there be a more triumphant and passionate call to arms than “Light a Candle”? I submit there is not. We are not the Light but we do carry the Light of the world in our hearts. We are called to shine that Light as brightly as possible. What a wonderful reminder and incredible encouragement to go out and light our own candles.

There you have it. Five more Whiteheart songs that taught me the truth. I hope this will be as meaningful to others as it has been to me. Let me know what you think and post some of your favorite songs in the comments or on our social media accounts.

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    Good article, Phill! Songs sure can be a balm for the soul!


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