Celebrating Contemporary Christian Music with the #CCMTournament2024

This is a pretty big departure for what we usually write, but we felt it was worth shining a light on it. If this is not your thing, we completely understand.

If you are on Twitter/X, and you pay any attention to contemporary Christian music, it’s very likely you have encountered the hashtag – #CCMTwitter. Started by Eric McClanahan – @Ineverglow – and Josh Balogh – @JBay_AllTheWay – (Josh has contributed to Rambling Ever On a few times), #CCMTwitter has become an oasis of memories and discussion in what can be a pretty contentious and angry social media landscape.

Last year, the first annual CCM Tournament was launched. It was pretty insane, and it inspired thousands of votes and comments. In the end, the 90s era band, Five Iron Frenzy walked away as the champs. (They have an incredibly passionate and very online fanbase.)

Well, today, #CCMTournament2024 has kicked off under the expert guidance of Eric McClanahan. There are four regions divided by era. Plenty of recognizable artists including Andrew Peterson, Petra, Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Rich Mullins, and Switchfoot have a chance to win. We won’t try to convince you to vote for any particular artist. (Except for Whiteheart. Vote for Whiteheart.) Our main purpose in posting this short article is to celebrate what this annual tournament represents.

The #CCMTournament2024 is all about our collective love of music. It’s a wonderful celebration of the music of our youth and the music of today. Whether you agree with the results is missing the point. It’s a time of reminiscence and collective bonding. If you have ever loved CCM, head over to Twitter/X and cast your vote. (And while you are there, vote for Whiteheart.)

I am thankful for this weird and wonderful community that has come together through these tournaments. I hope it’s something we can participate in for years to come.

Go here to vote.

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