For Infinity

She kisses me like rainbows,
and throws me through the sky.
I’m a blackbird with an olive branch 
before my eyes, I promise I

wouldn’t leave you, never ever.
Bonds will break, but hearts won’t sever 
for infinity.
The Earth for you and me.

Never seen the end of one,
this life’s riches we’ve sold.
She’s a rainbow and she keeps me
deep in her soul, depend, her soul

makes as rubbish bags of gold,
they’re shiny, but they’re frozen cold
for infinity.
There’s more for you and me.

Cherishes the flower smile,
the dandelion spring.
Tethers herself to her God with
a daisy string, the daisies sing

hymns to Heaven sweetly, sweetly
runneth o’er her cup completely
for infinity,
and spills down upon me.

There’s a flower in a tree,
bruised and bleeding red.
Messiah, freak, or man of grief,
someone has said. The One, some said

who wouldn’t leave us sinning, spinning,
looking back to the beginning
for infinity.
The sky for you and me.

A poem by Randall Jones, a friend of Rambling Ever On. Check out some of his other contributions here and here.

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